Skill Development

In order to survive in today’s working climate, it seems as though being multi-talented is becoming compulsory. It’s something that has been taught to me during my time at BOA as well as seeing it in practice in the real world. Take a look the next time you go and order in a restaurant. The waiter does not just bring over food and take orders. The waiter might also work behind the bar, clean the restaurant and even prepare some of the desserts. So why should I expect to be any different?
Recently I have been expanding my skills by learning how to code. Although this is not directly related to media industry it is a skill that is in the same general field and I am certain it will be useful. The idea to code initially came from thinking about what services I could offer as a freelance professional alongside my University studies, the first thought being to help create online advertisements for local businesses. However, how useful will these advertisements be, buried on the company website, many local businesses do not have much of an online presence outside of a Facebook page. To put it in simpler terms, it is vertical integration.
As complicated and as difficult as learning to code may sound, it is actually very simple and is also free to learn online. I have been learning to code through the website ‘Codecademy’. It’s extremely unusual to find a service this good for free. The website clean and aesthetically pleasing( something you’d expect from a website teaching how to make websites) and extremely informative. I can not recommend it more.

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