The Ultimate Pathway

My idea for multi-camera production is a quiz show that will decide which pathway is “the ultimate pathway”. The idea stems from the competitiveness that runs through BOA. I would argue that every student, at one stage or another, has gotten into a friendly discussion about which pathway is superior. This quiz show aims to settle that debate once and for all.
I have the option of either setting this up in the T.V Studio, in the theatre or even in the Lecture Theatre. The theatre would be ideal if you we could get bums on seats, otherwise it would be a very empty, very unnatural studio, leading to possibly an awkward show. The T.V Studio would be good as it would be the easiest to set up. However after watching previous shows in the T.V studio, it needs a considerable amount of dressing up to make it look less like a T.V Studio. The Lecture Theatre would be the ideal size as I feel a large crowd would not be likely to sign up to be in the audience. However as it is right next to the canteen, noise leaking in when filming would be a major concern. I intend to explore all of these locations in order to determine which one is the best.
The next issue is set design. Obviously this is a big problem that I have noticed with some of the TV Studio shows that we have produced. The content has been good, however in my opinion the set has been often distracting. This is mainly because we are extremely limited on what set we can build. I am hopeful of resolving this issue through, either collaborating with a fellow production pathway student or creating a set myself.
The next hurdle is setting the questions. I feel as though the questions should be based around the pathways. For example, there will be a theatre round, a film and tv round and perhaps a design round. These will accompany a general knowledge round.
As there are nine different pathways I will need to look at the format in which the quiz show will be held. I could look at adding another camera into the studio to have three groups at a time. However this would mean having some kind of tournament system to decided which pathway would get to the final, however this would be costly and take a large amount of time. I could have a points system in which the winning pathway is the one that scores the most points. This would cut down time, however this could lead to the winning pathway not being there to collect their prize. Another way I could package it could be to condense the pathways into three groups: creative arts, digital arts and performing arts.

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