Music Video Project 23/01/13

Today’s Music Video meeting was very short. Due to a speech from our lecturer and the weather we only had an actual working window of around forty-five minutes. In that time we (the group) committed to a narrative for our music video. The narrative, or story, of our music video is centred around a teenage girl. This girl has been kicked out of her house because her mother is fed up with her constant drug use. With nowhere to go our character is forced to sleep with various men in order to have a roof over her head. However eventually her luck runs out and through some circumstance, she dies. We also began work on our storyboard, finding actors and actresses and finding locations to shoot.

We are also looking at incorporating some symbolism into our music video. One of the things we are looking at doing is having a sunset and the start, as she is getting kicked out of her house, and a sunrise and the end to signify that her harrowing journey is over, she is finally at peace. Our group is also looking at the idea of having our singer, George, in the music video somehow. One of the ways we are considering putting George into the video, instead of having a conventional live performance to cut to, is to have George almost as a ghost in various scenes. What I mean by this is having George singing the words to his song in the scene, but with everyone else oblivious to him, as though George is observing the events that are unfolding.
By next week, the casting or the locations will be completely finished. As well as the storyboard.

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