Why is Youth Unemployment so high in Birmingham and what is being done about it?

For my factual news piece I have decided to work in collaboration with Laythan Jones. We have come to an agreement on this partnership as we both attended the same event that sparked our topic, the Next-Gen skills talk at the millenium point

Our idea is investigating the reasons for youth unemployment in Birmingham and how we as a city are tackling the issue. We chose this topic because it relates to us and our piers as we are students that are looking for jobs now or in the future. also our voice over will be done by a youth to portray that the youth care about there future and we do have a voice that wants to be heard.

Our audience youths – 16 – 24, employers and politicians. We feel that this is the perfect audience to be aiming our piece at for a number of reasons. The 16-24 age bracket, because that is who the piece is actually about. The employers and the politicians are targeted as our audience because, through their action, the issue of youth unemployment can be resolved.

We will target the youth by uploading our factual news piece to a video-sharing website on the internet (Vimeo or Youtube) as this is a prime place to target this audience. We will also aim to get our piece onto such news programmes as BBC Midlands Today or Central News. We have picked these two because they are local news programmes and so will be much more likely to take a piece about Birmingham. Also, it is much more likely that local employers and politicians will see our piece on the news than on the internet.
We believe that our piece has a large enough number of news values to get onto the local news. There is

We will be taking a narrative based style with responses from various people (members of the public, politicians and professionals in charge of employing young people). We will be taking a youthful approach as our narrator will be youthful, however we will be keeping to a mature and professional standard via the vocabulary used by the narrator. We will have a serious tone as the nature of the topic is serious. If we were to take a humoured, more relaxed tone, our piece would not be taken seriously. The projected length of the program is at a maximum 15 minutes, however this will have to shortened for the local news programmes.
We will need access to resources such as: A camera, a microphone, a monopod, a tripod, access to our interviewees’ logos and permissions to use our interviewees in our news piece.

Our projected date of completion is June 14th 2013. We will see our project as a success if we see more commitments from politicians and employers to help young people get back into work. Also if we see a greater resolve in young people to get the correct skills for work.

Here is the finished product: 

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