The Different Sectors Within The Media Industry

There are three major sectors within the creative media profession (T.V, radio and film).  I decided to look more deeply in the area of British T.V, to look at some of the leading producers, the leading products and how the T.V industry can grow. The major broadcasters in T.V are the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), ITV (Independent Television), Channel 4, Channel 5, BskyB (British Sky Broadcasting Group) and Virgin Media. We then looked more deeply into who creates the products for the broadcasters and found that outside  the broadcasters there were two major producers of content, SYCO TV and Endemol U.K. SYCO TV have created such franchises as X-Factor, the “Got Talent” franchise and Red Or Black to name a few. Endemol U.K have produced such shows as Big Brother, Ready Steady Cook and 8 out of 10 cats. The common theme between these two producers of content is reality TV. Producers like creating new reality T.V shows as it is essentially cheap labour. Members of the public do not need to be paid as much as presenters or celebrities and so  bringing “the public” onto T.V is favoured amongst the content producers.

Through our research I have discovered that the largest growing market and the best to tap into for further development would be teenage market, perhaps a realistic teenage drama.A current program marketed to teenagers is a programme called “Waterloo Rd”. You can tell it is marketed to teenagers because it is set in a school and deals with teenage issues such as bullying and school pressures. The last episode of Waterloo Rd was in the top 20 most viewed programs on BBC1 with 4.47 million viewers. Another program that was marketed to a younger audience was a show called “E:20”. Originally a one-off spin-off of Eastenders it proved so popular that is was renewed for three further series. It is marketed to a teenage audience through its predominantly young cast and incidental music.

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