Scriptwriting Structure

There are many things that you need to consider when writing a script. One of them is the way a script is structured. Firstly every script is structured into a three-act-structure. The first act is the beginning, and is the general build up to the story. The next act is usually the longest and involves all the action of the script. The third act is the usually the resolution of the conflict in the script.

Scripts are also formatted in a certain order. Here is an example of a script from the film “The Iron Lady”

As you can see from this screenshot, we have various codes and conventions that are associated with writing a script. One of them is that most scripts are writen in 12 point, 10 pitch Courier. This is the industry standard for most scripts and you will not be taken as seriously if your script is in anything else. Another convention is that every time there is a new location is in Bold, underlined and in CAPITALS. This is so it can be clearly shown as to where there is a change in scenery. Another convention is having the character’s name in capitals every time it is written in the script, even if they are not talking. The way the speech is set out in a script is another convention. Speech is shown in the centre of the script and the actual speech is always after the character that as said it. The small sections in brackets are stage directions, however shouldn’t be as detailed as stage directions. The words in brackets should only be for when there is necessary direction within the speech. There are also a large amount of keywords and annotations also associated with scripts. Camera instructions should also only on be on the script when absolutely necessary to the story.
INT : Stands for interior, when the scene is inside.
EXT : Stands for exterior 
“” : Quotation marks are used when the character is reading something

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