Analysis Of Radio Research

Our research for our radio adverts is split up into two parts, as we had two initial ideas. Our first idea was to create an ad campaign for a charity called Imaan’s charity. It was founded by a member in our group and hadn’t been given much notice because it was a new charity and we felt we could help get it running off the ground. We began analysing charity adverts and finding out some of the codes and conventions of charity adverts. However before we could get the ball rolling, the creator of the charity left, so we decided to switch ideas to advertising our Futures lessons.
All members in our group had first-hand experience of Futures lessons as by the time we’d started our project we had experienced 2 months of Futures. We decided to first look at why we had Futures lessons and if there was anyway that we could take them out of the curriculum altogether. However we discovered that they were a legal necessity, that citizenship lessons were needed in order for our year group to be classed as school students for BOA, so it wasn’t possible to completely get rid of the Futures lessons. We then went and had a focus group to see what the general issue was with Futures. We found that many people felt that the curriculum simply wasn’t up to scratch and that it should be changed. Following on from that we got a large number of suggestions for what could be implemented into the futures lessons. We shortlisted the reasonable ones and decided to base our advertisement around that.

In my opinion we could have kept a better log of our research, instead of throwing away all our research on Imaan’s Charity, we should have kept it for proof. I feel that our research for our Futures campaign was up to scratch, however the analysis should have been done along side the research.

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