Music Video 30/01/2013. 31/01/2013 Music Video

Today we had another music video meeting, which turned into a fairly active meeting. We started off just recapping what we already knew and had decided on. We then moved on to filling in the storyboard, deciding on our locations and even doing a recce.
First off we decided on our protagonist’s journey and changed the setting at the end of our music video to a party. We also concluded that we needed to get moving and made the decision to start getting our actress and actors for the music video by compiling a short-list of people that we would like to be in our video.
We have looked at a number of locations to use including some of our own bedrooms and relatives bedrooms. We also looked at the surrounding area for impoverished looking areas and we found this:


Another problem we came up against was the issue of getting the message across that our girl is having sex with these different men without being explicit in the music video, so for next week we need to have logged some research about how sex is presented in PG and 12 rated films. We will also have our actress for our music video and will have approached a number of actors to be in our production


We had an extra music video session today. We continued in creating a detailed storyboard. We incorporated the pictures taken from our recce into our scrapbook. We started our shot list, call sheet and contacted our first-choice actress.

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