Unit 58

Over the years the world of DVD authoring has slowly become more and more accessible. In the past DVD authoring would only be available to those with high-end computers and a large amount of money. However with the spread of technology and computers, DVD authoring has become a viable option for many media professionals looking to create a physical copy of their work.


iDVD is Apple’s built in answer for their customer’s DVD burning needs. Originally released in January 2001, this built in software was originally an after thought, however it began to be refined into a credible product for consumer use. When it was first created it was perfect for amateur DVD makers, however it has been discontinued as it has become outdated and it’s popularity has dropped.

Adobe Encore

Adobe Encore is a DVD authoring software from Adobe, a multinational organisation with a string of creative softwares. Encore is targeted at professional video producers looking to create a physical product for their client. This is the software that I will be using to create my DVD. It is easy to use, very accessible however is complex enough to give you a sophisticated and professional feel to your end product.

The world of DVD burning and authoring is now much more accessible than it was many years ago. There are plenty of DVD authoring softwares available for reasonable prices, with some quality products being released for free. In this article I will be detailing the pros and cons of the various DVD Menus.

Although often overlooked, the design and layout of a DVD menu is highly important in delivering a professional and high quality product to your client.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.28.05
In the first DVD menu that I will look at is Monster’s Inc. Monster’s Inc. was a Disney Pixar animated film following two scare employees Mike Wazowski and James “Sully”Sullivan. In DVD menus it is a widely used practice to incorporate elements of the film into the menu, a practice that is used here. Although simple and very minimalist, the intro uses one of the film’s pivotal themes, monster’s sneaking through doors. This is an interesting way to introduce the DVD menu as the intros usually aren’t that long. The music playing along with the intro also fits the style of the intro. The options as we get into the actual menu are the general standard ones such as “Play”, “Bonus Features”, “Scene Selection”, Set Up” and “Sneak Peeks”.
In my opinion this is an example of a good DVD Menu as it not only incorporates themes of the film, it doesn’t give too much away. I also personally really like the minimalist approach it has taken, the screen isn’t too crowded and it looks very aesthetically pleasing. This will be something that’ll be looking at using in my DVD Menu.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.04.00

The next DVD Menu is an example of a DVD Menu with poor or no design. Meet The Millers  is a road trip film following the escapades of four drug smugglers under the ruse of a family. The first screen from the DVD Menu is one of the promotional posters for the film, however past that we see very little design for transitions or backgrounds in the menu. The main screen, once again, has the almost industry standard DVD Menus mentioned above.

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