Production Diary 16-20/09/13

Monday Today it was straight back to working on our FMP’s. I spoke to Alex Bushell about the possibility of helping me cover the Bupa Half-Marathon as I will be running it. I then turned down Robyn’s offer of working together as I felt that I needed to do a project alone.
Tuesday Today was Free Radio day and it was fairly manic. In the morning I received the news that my camera would be positioned in the theatre in one of the walkways. This meant that I had a been given a very small box to work in so I would not be a fire-hazard. Mr Dodzo then came in and had to correct the way I had set up my camera. The filming went swimmingly, however some of the footage became corrupted.
Wednesday Today was once again FMP research. Feeling as though I had done a substantial amount of research, I began putting together my idea of what the corporate video could be, drawing inspiration from Citysave’s YouTube channel and other credit union videos. I was also asked by Conor Hickey to join his multi-camera project, BOA news. I am working on the gallery
Thursday Mr Dodzo started off our lesson with a careers video from a production manager. Fran Mable started off as a secretary at the BBC and worked her way up to a script supervisor before leaving to become freelance. She then tried to rejoin the BBC, however could not die to her lack of experience. She then decided to join a course which then led to getting a job on Eastenders. Fran mentions these soft skills as a reason as to why he has been successful: good communicator, exceptional organisation skills and a people person. He then highlighted the importance of the 15 steps of a production. It gave me alot of things to think about when doing my FMP. I think the main thing to remember when planning my FMP is to get a shot-by-shot shot list together. On all the other shoots that I’ve played a role in, this has been undermined slightly to the detriment of the shoot. After lunch me and Conor Hickey went into the T.V studio and was taught by Craig and Dan on how to actually use it. Craig showed us how the studio and the patching worked and have us a brief overview of the gallery, whilst Dan gave us an in-depth look on sound.
Friday Today I did more FMP research. I decided that I needed to get some Primary research in order to get the highest marks. I have done a draft of the questionnaire that I aim to get done for Monday. As I do not have a lesson till 1 I can get out with the questionnaire before lessons begin. I also did some VoiceOver work for Laythan Jones’ newspiece.

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