Futures Advertising Campaign

For the advertising section in my course, my group struggled a little. We started off advertising a charity run by a girl in our group, until she left. Then we changed our advertising to a cause strongly backed by another boy in our group, until he left. So for a while, we were stumped as to what to advertise, with only 4 weeks left to produce our advertising campaign. We wanted to create an advert that would actually mean something to people, an advert that would affect and change the way people think. We decided to come up with an advertising campaign to change our “futures” lessons.
If you’ve ever been to school in the last 4/5 years, futures is our school’s equivalent of citizenship, PSHE and SEAL. For those of you unfamiliar, the idea behind these “citizenship” lessons is to develop you as a human being so you don’t turn out to be a sociopathic killer. What this amounts to in real terms is an hour wasted on rubbish exercises (such as writing a letter to your body) in deep thinking. Futures is essentially a group therapy session. A waste of time.
From our research we have discovered that futures, or citizenship, lessons are required by law, they are on the national curriculum for Key Stage 4, half of our target audience for our ad campaign.

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