Music Video Project 27/02/2013

Today we began shooting our music video. I met Jodie Hadley, Megan Silvester, Jonas Woodward and Lauren Milwain at half 9 outside BOA and, after getting the kit from Mr Dodzo, proceeded filming at the Curzone street car park. Calum Wilkes was not present due to being at an exhibition  After commencing filming at 10 O’Clock, we were told to seize filming by the car park manager. Apparently, due to an incident last week, no one is allowed onto the car park without permission from the car park company. However, whilst I went to sort this out with the manager and get the details, the rest of the crew got the shots we needed.
Next up we went to the canals and began filming there. Once there, we met George Hatton and Christina Sabbagh who were late and met us at the canal instead. We got various shots of the duo playing guitar and shots of Lauren and Jonas interacting with one another. We finished shooting with the cast at around twenty past eleven and filmed some extra filler shots of the scenery until twenty to twelve. We then walked back and dropped off some of the equipment.

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