Production Diary 9-13/09/13

Monday: The class was first formally introduced to one of our new teachers – Mr Walker. We were also introduced to our FMPs (Final Major Projects). mr Dodzo briefly took us through what would be required and gave use our client. However we were encouraged to find our own. Although I would like to find my own client, the one offered by Mr Dodzo sounded quite promising. It is a topic that I do not know enough about and would actually quite enjoy learning more. I finished off my reflection post for Mr Dodzo and looked around for alternative clients for my FMP.

Tuesday: Today we spoke in length about a private assignment. There are many roles to be filled in the assignment and I would love to be involved in as many of them as possible. We then moved onto talking about our new unit, multi-camera drama. Mr Pryce gave us a quick over-view about the unit and warned us keep it simple. He also gave us our first task of analysing three multi-camera dramas. My initial thought for the multi-camera was to do a programme similar to QuestionTime

Wednesday: Today we met the new Broadcast teacher Mr McLaughlin. He will be looking after the radio department and we will have him for our radio units. He seems a very witty character and I feel as though he will be a very useful teacher. Mr Dodzo then took me, Alex Bushell and Laythan Jones to George House in Coventry to interview Vince Cable, the business secretary. We used some equipment that I was unfamiliar with so it was a very good experience. It was also quite exciting to see Mr Cable as he is one of the more important men currently in British politics; although it was slightly disappointing that he wasn’t answering questions.

Thursday: Today we were set to research for our FMP. As I haven’t found a client, I decided to use the pre-approved client Citysave: Credit Union. From my research I have discovered what a credit union is as well as the benefits and drawbacks of credit unions.

Friday: Today was continuing the research that I had started yesterday. There was also an update about the aforementioned secret project. I will be shooting in the theatre for it. I believe my work will be used for the documentary portion of the work which will be very good. Robyn F also came to me with a proposal of working together on the FMP.

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