Music Video Project 09/01/2013

This is a page to document all of my previous work on creating a music video for Unit 29. My original group consisted of Calum Wilkes, Eleanor Jordan, Megan Silvester, Jodie Hadley and Georgia Frend. Our original idea was to uses song called ____________ by a girl band in BOA called 5girls. The song was written around slavery, however it had certain metaphors that could be related to love and romance. Taking this meaning we decided to have the video portraying a love story, with one boy dating all five girls. Eventually they realised that they were being played and dump the boy. However due to a difference of ideas, our group decided to split, leaving the new Music Video Production group as Calum Wilkes, Megan Silvester, Jodie Hadley and I.
Having to start again from scratch we decided to take another musician from inside our college, choosing a musician called George Hatton and his song unnamed song. George’s Song is centred around a girl being kicked out of her house and sleeping with other men in order to have a roof over her head. Although nothing has been committed to yet, we have had a variety of ideas as to what we can shoot for the music video. One of the more prominent ideas was the concept of having a narrative going on in the foreground and having our singer, George, in the background, almost observing the scene. Other ideas included having solely performance from George, having a clean mix of narrative and performance or not having George in the music video at al.

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