Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham Michel Gondry

Spike Jonze is a major American director and has produced music videos for some of the biggest artists for the past twenty years including Jay-Z and Kanye West, Notorious B.I.G, Daft Punk, Fat Boy Slim, Tenacious D and many others.

Spike promoting his film “The One Second Film”

One of Spike’s best music videos is his hit video Otis : 
Spike has also released a total of four feature films and received an Academy award nomination for his film Being John Malkovich and received an Oscar and two Golden Globes for his film Adaption. Born on October 22nd 1969 to the name Adam Spegiel and is also accredited for the creation of Jackass and directing the films in the franchise. Spike is also in a company called Directors Label with another major director Chris Cunnigham.

Cunnigham, who also is a part-time musician.

Chris Cunnigham is a British director responsible for producing such music videos as Frozen – Madonna and “All The Love – Bjork”. He has also produced a range of commercials including this stunning advert for Flora by Gucci:

This advert is genius as it has both the class and sophistication of a fragrance advert whilst still maintaining a relevance to the product, unlike a vast majority of fragrance adverts. The class and sophistication comes from not only the operatic background music but also the mis en scene. We can see a young girl in an apparently endless field of flowers wearing a classy, and yet slightly revealing, dress. Also Chris has tried to make the ad appear as though it was filmed just at sunset and ads just an extra touch of sophistication. The relevance to the product comes from the main connotation of the word Flora. When we think of Flora, the general thought is that it has some relevance to flowers and nature, hence the flowers and lack of man made objects in the piece. Also the talent’s dress reminds the audience of nature due to its flower-print design. Chris is also a member of the Ridley Scott Associates mentioned in another blog post here : https://lukejames7.wordpress.com/unit-45/advertising-companies/

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