Unit 1 Evaluation

  1. How well did you apply your Pre-Production material through the production of your FMP?
    My FMP Pre-production material did not turn out to be that useful during my Final Major Project. This was mainly because I was the only one really working on the project, for the most of it. Usually when a shoot date was arranged for a certain time it would be only me that would need to know when and where the shooting was taking place. Ideas would only need to be communicated to me or someone that was helping me shoot. However, keeping a log of all of the things that have been sent between my client and I has been extremely useful as on occasion if I wanted to reference something, or double check what I had mentioned to my client, it was extremely easy to do so.
  2. How did it help you communicate your ideas to other crew members?
    My Pre-production did not really help too much in terms of communicating my ideas to other crew members, as for large amounts of time I worked on my FMP by myself. The few times that I have had to work in a team, however, using call sheets is always extremely helpful as I find that it makes sure that everyone is on the same page.
    I believe I was able to complete this almost completely independently from the moment that communications were handed over to me. I believe that in the editing stage I became less independent due to a lack of motivation.
  3. How much did it help you during the Post-Production of your FMP?
    My Pre-Production helped slightly during my post-production. When I was stuck trying to edit my piece I could go back to some of my initial ideas or brainstorms for extra ideas.
  4. What went well and what would you improve during the Pre-Production process of your FMP?
    During my pre-production of my FMP, something I would have done more in the future, is take down and scribe the notes from physical meetings. Sometimes my client would forget something that I have said in a meeting, however I could not be certain that I had told her. It was also difficult for me to be certain what she had promised for me to have done.

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