FMP – The Brainstorm

What I can do for citysave?
  • After watching your videos on Youtube and seeing what has already been done, I like the ideas that have been put into the videos.
  •  – (The Chair Of Citysave’s small interview
  •  – (The Virtual Tour of Citysave
  •  – (Customer Testimonials
  •  however I feel that I can execute them to a much higher quality. I would like to combine all of the videos together to create a longer piece. I would also like to add in
  •  – What is a credit union (Explaining the advantages of a regular bank)
There is the possibility of linking it into the recent economic downturn and the little trust that there is in banks.Another idea is the possibility of having a superhero as the protagonist for citysave as a play on words. Although it may devalue the citysave brand as it is slightly humorous.

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