Music Video Analysis: Bed Rock

On this page I will be analysing various music videos. The criteria for picking a music video is based primarily on wether I like the music video or not. Another criteria I will pick the music videos on is if the video stimulates a reaction from me or a response from me.

The music video I am analysing in this blog is Young Money’s Bed Rock

Young Money entertainment is a collaboration of various different artists, founded by artist Lil Wayne and is currently run Mack Maine. In this song, there are such Young Money stars as Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga and Lloyd and boosted the careers of many of them. There are many of the codes and conventions of rap videos present in this video.

One representation is that when you’re a rapper you’re generally perpetually surrounded by scantily clad women. The video even starts off with Lil Wayne emerging from under a pile of sleeping women. During every rapper’s “verse” or  segment they are shown dancing with women, even the female rapper is dressed provocatively in the video. In my opinion, the reason for this is that sexiness and promiscuity sells. Also it is seen as good for a male to be surrounded by half-dressed women.

One code and convention of rap music videos is excessive wealth. The whole music video is set in a lavish mansion with pools. Every room is decorated and has unnecessary items. At multiple sections within the music video the rappers are throwing wads of music around, once again expressing their excessive wealth. Another way they express this is the

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