Unit 62: Digital Video Production

Digital Video Production is simply the process of creating a video product, on various kinds of platform in digital instead of analog signal. In this blog I am going to go deeper into what that means and how digital video technology is used to enhance the user’s interactive experience.

On the 24th of October 2012 the digital switchover was completed, meaning every Television in the United Kingdom now received it’s footage via a digital signal. This is because analog signal is generally a much weaker signal, for many reasons. When analog signal gets degraded and has to be re-copied for it to work it looses quality and begins to develop noise on the signal. This does not happen with digital signal as it can only be completely on or completely off. This is shown in the diagram.

Video can be on all sorts of formats and has develop largely in the past few year and a large amount of video contains interactive media. Video format most commonly used were VHS tapes played in a VCR. The main problem with this format is that it had the ability to become tangled in the VCR, causing the VCR and the VHS to break however these gave way to DVD


Wikipedia : Digital switchover
Analog Signal

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