FMP – Research Notes

For my FMP there is a considerable amount of research to be done. This is because the company does its work in the financial sector.
The other Credit Unions in the area are:

North Birmingham Community Credit Union Ltd
Circul-8 Birmingham Inner Circle Community Credit Union

Citysave paid out their dividend for members who held shares in the year to 30th September 2012, was 1.5%.
Their board of Directors is:
(Chair) Ricky
Annette King
Lucy Hales
David Hall
Dianne Beddows
Tom McDonnell
Miriam McKee
Steve Pamely
William Schouten

I will now be comparing a £700 loan from citysave to other loan lenders to see how much can actually be saved at citysave.

I will also need to conduct a survey asking people of a typical banking age various question about citysave and about credit unions. Here is a draft of the questions that I will ask them.
1. How old are you?
2. Do you know what the purpose of a credit union is?
3. Do you live and or work in Birmingham?
4. Do you know what Citysave is?

These questions will not be asked to people under the age of 18 as they will not be the sort of person to be interested in banking or generally know much about banking. This is because they are less likely to be in control of their household money.

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