BOA and Beyond

Almost two years ago I began my Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production at Birmingham Ormiston Academy. My course has finally finished and although my grades are not yet set in stone, I am fairly certain that I have achieved a high grade for this course. What I am certain of is that for me, going to BOA has been a success and the best decision I could have made.
This course and my time at BOA has been about more than just getting good grades at the end. It’s been about more than a piece of paper that says how well I did here. It has been about learning new skills and developing myself as a person and a media professional. The things I have learned from my tutors, Nathan Dodzo and Eric Pryce will be invaluable as I go through life.
So now that BOA is finished I will be moving onto my new course at Birmingham City University, a BA (Hons) Media and Communication (Television Production). To me this is the best course that I could have picked, at one of the best Universities that I could have picked. I was accepted into the acclaimed Ravensbourne School of Art and Design in London onto their television production course. However, in terms of television production, I found the course lacking compared to BCU. The course at BCU also enables me to learn a large range of skills, something that our changing industry is now asking for as a requirement.
My idea of my future is constantly changing as I have new experiences and come up with new ideas. I would like to work in the television industry as a production manager as having experienced this position during the last two years, I feel as though it is the most exciting to me. However I am also extremely interested in being my own boss,  creating my own production company and having the freedom to create my own shows . To do this would require a large amount of industry experience and perhaps is something further along in my life.
This blog was formerly used to store all of my coursework, however now as I develop my career, it will be updated with progress in my career as well as other thoughts as I see fit.

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