The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2

Coming from a former Twihard, Breaking Dawn part 2 was a disappointing conclusion to the saga.

There isn’t really one overriding reason as to why I didn’t like this film, it was more a combination of really annoying little things.
Firstly, Taylor Launter delivered a terrible performance as Jacob Black. You know when your school puts on a play and you go and have a look and it’s usually full an assortment of bad actors? It was similar to that. Everything from the delivery of his lines, to his movements was just stiff. Also Jacob and the wolfpack were essentially useless in the entire film.
Secondly, I had a major problem with the green-screening. Maybe this is where I’m being too harsh, but the green-screening looked like I’d done it myself. For all of those who aren’t aware, the use of a green screen in a film is when you need to take a character and put them on a different backdrop. It was generally over-used and in a very noticable way.
Thirdly, was the issue of the CGI. I understand that babies are very difficult to work with, that they don’t often cooperate and that their demand are quite high. But there was absolutely no need to have a CGI baby. I was genuinely angry at the baby. I felt serious anger towards it. You know, it’s not even that the CGI was used, it was just that it was so badly. There was also a small amount of CGI used again at the very end of the film which was just disgusting.
I was a little disturbed about the level of violence and sex in this film and the way inwhich it is displayed. I don’t think I’m a very conservative person or anything, but when Bella is having sex with Edward, at one stage there is a face shot of Bella. Now in this close-up, Bella is obviously having a good time, she’s having such a good time that for a small moment the screen turns a sparkling and gold. I’m not quite sure what message the director is trying to say, but exposing an 8-year-old (there was one in the showing I was in) to that kind of footage seems a little strange. The head ripping and baby burning was a little morbid and grim considering practically anyone can go and see Twilight.

Now, after all of that, Twilight had one redeeming feature, the fight scene at the end. The entire film was pretty dull, until said fight scene. It genuinely had me on the edge of my seat with my mouth wide open. If only the battle scene hadn’t been rendered utterly pointless by the following scene. Having read all of the books, this unexpected fight scene was actually quite captivating. It’s just a shame the rest of the film wasn’t as exciting.

In conclusion, Breaking Dawn part 2 was an okay end to a poor saga. Perhaps not the best in the saga, but definitely up there. I rate this film a 4.5 out of 10 for it’s poor CGI, poor acting but epic fight scene.