BOA: Evaluation

I’ve been at BOA for eleven months now and I thought it would be a good idea to collect my thoughts on the year.
It’s been one of the most interesting and productive years. I came into the year not entirely sure what direction I next wanted to take my future and although I am still not entirely sure what I want to do with my future. I feel as though my future lies somewhere in News Production or even broader in T.V Production.
I think my biggest downfall was choosing to take two A-Levels alongside my BTEC. I vastly underestimated the strain that this would take on me, along with having a part-time job, completing my gold DofE and other commitments. Next year I will not be taking the A2 maths course, freeing up a large amount of time for things more worth while.
Another significant downfall of mine was probably how content I was at the start with sitting back and relaxing, taking my foot off the gas. I started year well, getting involved in various projects. However I feel as though I hadn’t quite adapted to college live and I assumed that these opportunities would keep coming to me if I didn’t deliver. I feel as though that is the main reason for me being so stagnant for the first portion of the year. Some of the more successful students in my class have already had a year at college, adapting to the changes, this is why I feel my second year will be so productive.
Having said that, I am proud of all of my work this year, although some not as good as others, I feel as though I have learnt a large amount from all of it. I think I am most proud of the news piece that I have put together along with my partner Laythan Jones. I think it is the only product that had truly shown me the importance of in-depth research and how much is required for putting together a successful piece.

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