In The Holidays

The holidays have proved very interesting for a change. Over the past two days I have been helping to film an advert for my college that will end up showing in the cinema. The actual advert won’t be seen in cinema until December 14th, but this means it’ll be shown before films such as “The Hobbit”. It’ll only be shown in local cinemas around my area (Birmingham), but I can’t wait. There was talk of there being a premiere in the cinema (although I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to work as the advert is only 30 seconds long).
Although I didn’t actually press record to film for any part of the advert, I did record part of the audio for it. It might not sound like much, but honestly I had to hold back the giggling when I was holding the boom pole I was that excited. I know it sounds like I didn’t do anything but it’s my first official step into the industry. Most of the time I was just filming behind the scenes stuff and doing little “runner” jobs (getting last minute props they needed or carrying equipment). We ran out of time to film one section of the advert and so our re-shoot is scheduled for Friday, me and the other production assistant (Her blog is here:) get to co-direct the movement for the final shot which is pretty exciting too. So I’m now basically on the same level as Ridley Scott.

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