Heroes Of Olympus: The Mark Of Athena

So I just finished my new book “Heroes Of Olympus: The Mark Of Athena” and I thought I’d share some thoughts about the book and about the next in the series. The fourth installment in the five part series is to be called “The House Of Hades” or something, which is pretty self-explanatory as it is mentioned that that is where our heroes must go at the end of MoA.

First off, the ending with Percy and Annabeth going off into Tartarus together was easily the best cliffhanger the author Rick Riordan has given us. It was a common theme throughout MoA that Percy and Annabeth wanted to spend more time together, after feeling like they’d been cheated out of their time by Hera, so this bitterly romantic ending was really nice. It’ll be interesting to see how Riordan describes Tartarus to the reader as, it is only ever been described as a hell-hole.
Another question for the fourth book is which POV it will be told from. Jason, will also have to have one because he’s Jason, son of Zeus (he’s kind of a big deal).I’d like to think Nico will have a POV as he has just been handed leadership from Percy and also is a new-ish character to the series. I’d also like to think Leo will get a POV as his point-of-view was easily the most entertaining. I’d like to see another POV from Hazel in this book, just so the  Hazel/Frank/Leo saga still has some legs and Leo still has hope.  A large amount of people are calling for a POV to be given to Reyna which is a good idea. This way we can see the Roman side of the invasion as well as getting to see a very likeable character.
So, now the book has finished, speculation of “HOH” has begun. As you may have already worked out someone will have to stay in Tartarus to close the doors of death from the other end. I think Hazel will volunteer as she feels that she is supposed to be dead anyway but I can’t see Frank just letting Hazel die.

  1. If anyone comes out of Tartarus changed it will be Annabeth. This would be a much more dramatic twist as Annabeth is the more grounded one and you’d expect Percy to go off the rails.
  2. I can’t see there being much more drama going on between Frank, Hazel and Leo unless there is some friction between Frank and Nico
  3. Of course Gaia will awaken at the end of this book. Otherwise what will they put in the last book.
  4. The Roman-Greek battle will occur. They’ll come to their senses eventually but it will definitely happen.
  5. Annabeth and Percy will be in the book. Remember Annabeth’s bag and laptop disappear in the final scene? That’s how they will communicate with the team. It’ll also be used to provide them with helpful information in their quest.

    That is my immediate review of Heroes Of Olympus: The Mark Of Athena. My opinion will probably change over the next week or so, as it always does.

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