So, the other day I went to see Looper. If you want a short quickie review of it: It is not what you expect at all. If you expect a fast-paced time travelling film then you’re in for a shock.

Looper is marketed as an action Sci-fi time travelling bonanza. On it’s adverts it’s described as this year’s decade’s “The Matrix”. Now, I haven’t seen The Matrix, but I’ve heard it’s pretty big deal. I’ve heard it’s pretty intense and so you can forgive me going into Looper expecting some sort of deep thinking film where I leave not knowing if I’m in real life or if it’s just fantasy.

The twist in Looper is that around a third of the film is focused on a mother and son. I don’t mind that, infact it was a nice break the action (although if the action carried on I wouldn’t have minded). What I didn’t like was that how the mother and son were just shoehorned into the film. I do understand that if they had shown these characters that the film would not have hit it’s target audience of Sci-fi watchers, I just wish they could have been in there as it is a vital part of the film.
Having said that Looper is generally a good film, I a couple of problems here and there, but miniscule things that don’t take away from the film. My favourite scene in the film is either the “diner” scene showed in the trailer where Bruce Willis and Joseph Gorden-Levitt are talking. Or the scene in which Bruce Willis kills a LOT of people, just reiterating how much of a bad-ass he is. I rate Looper 9 out of 10 for it’s good storyline, especially the way they handled the time travelling (so many films make a hash of it usually) and for it’s good acting.

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